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High Quality Rare Audio & Video Edits and Remixes

Everything from the 1950’s to current music, there is something here for everyone.  Whether you are a mobile DJ doing weddings and private events or a nightclub DJ playing small and large venues, you will find priceless gems to enhance your show.  Quality, hard to find and diverse content is our main focus.
Our video content is in both Standard Definition and High Definition.  There several videos that were originally in Standard Definition that were converted to High Definition.  Improving quality and playability on most systems.  For more information, check out our FAQ page.
All tracks on Rare Crates are based in a credit system.  For example, a simple audio edit may be 1 credit in value as compared to a remix video in HD quality that may be 6 credits.
Credits can be purchased in three options as a credit package.
Here are the current packages we offer:

6 Credits

  • Never Expires

29 Credits

  • Never Expires

65 Credits

  • Never Expires